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We would strongly commend the services provided by YourLegalEyes

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I would highly recommend the bespoke, tailored training and advice 

Age Cymru
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Enjoyed application of theory in practical exercises.

National Assembly staff
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Very helpful and informative

Devolution Policy Manager, Department for Work and Pension
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Most interesting and instructive, learned a very great deal

Professor, Cardiff University

Legislation Coaching In Wales

More and more organisations are recognising the benefits of one-to-one mentoring and use Your Legal Eyes to develop the skills of their key employees.

Combining the in-depth legislative knowledge of our team with professional coaching skills, we can enable individuals to:

  • Improve their confidence, strategies and skills to manage challenges relating to influencing legislation
  • Increase their understanding of the intricacies of law in Wales including proposing amendments to Bills
  • Identify the best way of approaching a consultation process and how to present evidence to Assembly Committees or government officials.
  • Write relevant, accurate and precise written evidence and give competent oral presentations to the Committee. 

Coaching on Bills

Making a new Bill in Wales is a four-stage process. Our coaching is designed to guide you through the first three stages – General Principles and Amendments.

Stage 1 - General Principles

It is at this stage where most organisations give evidence, either written or oral. Your Legal Eyes begin with a three-hour briefing, which includes:

  • Insight into how a Committee might approach consultation and the purpose of giving evidence.
  • Explanations of legal terms and language
  • Legal aspects of Bills and the technicalities of the legislative process

We will also discuss your position and ideas with the objective of developing a work plan tailored to your project.

Stage 2 and 3– Amendments

At stage 2 we outline what proposing an amendment involves and the approach required to increase your chances of securing a change. Our coaching includes:

  • Details of the procedure and timescales when proposing amendments
  • Legal issues that must be considered, together with admissibility criteria
  • Targeting and focussing individual proposed amendments to Bills

Our clients tell us that coaching is the most effective way to turn their ideas, thoughts and strategies into sound proposals to amend Welsh law.


Talk to Your Legal Eyes about any legislative issue affecting your organisation and we will tell you how we can help. Whether your objective is to provide advocacy for members or directly change legislation, our advisors will give you the tools you need to feel confident and succeed.

Coaching for Stages one and two £500
Additional cost per hour £110

All prices subject to VAT

We also deliver training confidence building for presenting evidence or talking to the media.

Coaching on presenting evidence and talking to the media

Part of the evidence giving process is likely to include presenting to Welsh Assembly Committees. Without preparation and guidance this part of the consultation process can be intimidating. Your Legal Eyes offer confidence building coaching to ensure you have the skills in place to present competently. This includes advice on:

  • What to expect when giving oral evidence before Committee
  • How to phrase answers to ensure clarity
  • Keeping your presentation messages consistent and controlled
  • How to talk to the media

Your coaches will be Marie Navarro and Huw Edwards, former MP for Monmouth and former member of the Welsh Affairs Committee at Westminster. Coaching is practical and tailored to each person’s specific needs. This means we can help you progress your current project while you receive training.


£100 + VAT per hour

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