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We would strongly commend the services provided by YourLegalEyes

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I would highly recommend the bespoke, tailored training and advice 

Age Cymru
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Enjoyed application of theory in practical exercises.

National Assembly staff
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Very helpful and informative

Devolution Policy Manager, Department for Work and Pension
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Most interesting and instructive, learned a very great deal

Professor, Cardiff University


Our consultancy service provides comprehensive reporting on laws and legislative changes affecting your sector.


By monitoring and reporting on specific legislation, we enable you to participate in the scrutiny of a proposed law. By analysing consultation documents and responses as well as the proposed legislation, our service will highlight key indicators including:

  • Is the new law robust and fit for purpose
  • Will the new law deliver efficiently the policy being considered
  • Is it accurate

These findings are delivered in report format and are crucial for any organisation considering and drafting proposals for new laws.

Your Legal Eyes also explores the Welsh clauses of UK Bills. We determine their necessity and scope according to whether a topic is devolved or not. We also encompass the possibility of specific functions being devolved in relation to Wales by using other legal vehicles. 

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Where changing the law is the priority, Your Legal Eyes can support your organisation to find the most efficient way to make change.

We enable you to understand the law specific to your interest, whether made at EU, UK or Wales level. We produce reports explaining the law and help consider legislative or executive powers.

In addition, we are able to source the individuals responsible for a topic and whether it is devolved in relation to Wales and we can help draft proposals for clarification of the law in your area of interest. 

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