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We would strongly commend the services provided by YourLegalEyes

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I would highly recommend the bespoke, tailored training and advice 

Age Cymru
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Enjoyed application of theory in practical exercises.

National Assembly staff
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Very helpful and informative

Devolution Policy Manager, Department for Work and Pension
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Most interesting and instructive, learned a very great deal

Professor, Cardiff University


Case Studies

Consultancy Services

Cancer Research UK funds over half of the UK’s cancer research, including the life-saving work of over 4000 scientists, doctors and nurses. They also campaign on key cancer issues including access to cancer drugs, screening and reducing the use of tobacco.

It was important for the charity to understand how a UK Bill would be applicable in the devolved nations.

Clare Bath, from Cancer Research UK said, 

“After contacting YLE, Marie got back to us really quickly, firstly with a conference call outlining the main issues, then subsequently with a comprehensive report.

“The report detailed the sections from the relevant UK Act and identified which parts of this were devolved to Wales. It also explained the process that Wales would need to go through to bring UK legislation into the principality.”

Clare adds, “The report YLE supplied gave us both the confidence to plan our lobbying and enabled us to approach AMs and civil servants in an informed, professional manner.

Coaching on Bills

Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) is the representative body for Local Government in Wales. YLE were commissioned in early 2013 to give legal advisory support in relation to the National Assembly for Wales’ Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill.  WLGA wanted advice on how best to influence the content of the Bill as it progressed through scrutiny.

Ongoing support and tailored advice was provided in a range of areas, including:

  • The legislative process within the Welsh Assembly, including stages of scrutiny and the process for securing amendments to a Bill
  • The structure and contents of a Bill
  • The relationship between primary legislation, Regulations and Statutory Guidance
  • Development of written and oral evidence

Through the advice provided, they were able to construct, on behalf of Local Government, a carefully evidenced critique of the Bill and to communicate areas in which they felt changes were required. Much of the evidence was reflected in the recommendations of the Health and Social Care Committee’s Stage 1 Scrutiny Report and as a result, it is expected subsequent amendments to the Bill will address a number of the issues.

Martyn Palfreman from WLGA said,

“Without the advice provided we would not have been able to take opportunities to influence the Bill at key points of its passage through the Assembly. Understanding the legislative process was key to exploiting these opportunities

“As the legislative programme in Wales expands, we would strongly commend the services provided by YourLegalEyes as a valuable means of quickly acquiring specialist knowledge and understanding and identifying how best to influence the process.”


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, College of Occupational Therapists and British Association of Social Workers Cymru had joined forces to identify areas of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill that needed amendment. They concluded that to make sure the changes they required would be taken forward, legal assistance should be sort.

In particular, they needed guidance on the Stage 2 of the Welsh Bills process and made the decision to approach YLE for assistance.Their main aims were to:

  • Gain an understanding of what stage 2 involves
  • Understand where the best chances are to influence
  • Know how to proceed with amendments
  • Develop confidence in dealing with legislation

YLE delivered a coaching session, which covered the layout of the Bill, crucial information on vocabulary, detail on timings, principles and purposes plus a range of information around amendments.

Having spent time looking at these aspects, they went on to discuss key areas of concern and finding the best places where changes could be suggested as amendments.

Since the coaching session the three organisations have:

  • developed an amendments grid
  • started discussions with other organisations about amendments
  • started to develop plan of action in relation to talking to political parties, committee members, chair of the committee etc…

All three organisations believe the coaching has provided the knowledge and skills to manage the process required to amend legislation and not be phased by the language, layout and the legislative process itself.

Philippa Ford, representing the three organisations said, 

“Now we are able to understand, and be far more precise, about the language used, particularly in relation to where we might want to see an amendment.  Learning the language has been a huge benefit.”

“ Our advice to other organisations...use some coaching if you are working on a Government Bill.  The training will stand you in good stead for future legislation too.”


The policy team at an anonymous organisation had identified a need to improve their understanding of legislation in Wales and how it can be influenced.  Marie Navarro was approached to deliver tailored coaching for the organisation to enable them to be better informed on the important elements of the Bill, terminology and the scrutiny process.

YLE held two half day training sessions at the organisation's offices, delivered through a mix of presentation, practical exercises and discussions.

The result of the training was that the organisation found the process of preparing evidence easier as they were able to refine the tasks and clearly identify for the Committee the key changes they required. This resulted in additional mentions in the Stage 1 Committee report.

YLE went on to provide further coaching appropriate to Stage 2 of the process which gave the organisation a structure for organising the changes they wanted to see, enabling them to better target their influencing activities.

In-House Training

Age Cymru is the national charity for older people in Wales. The organisation identified the need for their Public Affairs team to get improved insight into the new legislative processes in Wales and gain a better understanding on how to influence change.

YLE spent time talking to the charity about their specific requirements and developed a bespoke training course tailored to their needs, with particular reference to the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill.

The course gave the team the knowledge, skills and confidence to take forward a detailed programme of influencing on the Bill. It enabled them to be prominent stakeholders on its passage through the Assembly and they have influenced the shape and content, both individually and though partnerships with other organisations.

They achieved Government commitment to amend the legislation in their primary objective, which had been used as a case study during the training course.  They also gained vital expertise from the training on other legislation and lobbying.

Graeme Francis from Age Cymru said,

“Marie has been extremely forthcoming with additional support and has provided us with assistance on specific issues and questions we have had.  Her advice has been invaluable in taking forward our work to influence legislation.

“Due to the success of previous training, we also worked with Your Legal Eyes to train Age Cymru’s public affairs team in writing and briefing skills.  This was another extremely beneficial course and we have utilised the learning in many areas of our work.

“I would highly recommend the bespoke, tailored training and advice services offered by Your Legal Eyes.  The learning we gained as a team has been invaluable in helping us to develop and improve the work we do to change policy and legislation, and has helped us to have a real impact on behalf of the people we work for.”


Wales Environment Link (WEL) is an umbrella body for organisations with environmental, countryside, heritage and social interests.  It approached YLE with the aim of securing help for its members in order to gain a better understanding of Welsh Legislation processes required to ammend and effect Bills pertinent to them.

Over 30 members attended two half-day workshops led by YLE expert Marie Navarro.  The workshop format included talks, practical exercises and opportunities for questions and discussion.

Attendees gained hands-on experience by scrutinising the wording and meaning of various Bills and Acts as well as debating points of meaning and intention of legislation.

Raoul Bhambral, WEL, said

“It was a thought-provoking experience, where we gained a much improved understanding of the interaction between Brussels, London and Cardiff and how our organisation can influence legislation in the future.

“It would have taken a lot longer to gain this insight without training tailored to our sector. Marie’s personal experience and expertise was invaluable.” 


Open-Course Training and past training sessions

open quote We would strongly commend the services provided by YourLegalEyes close quote

open quote I would highly recommend the bespoke, tailored training and advice  close quote
Age Cymru

open quote @YourLegalEyes Thank you for training on welsh legislation. Hope to use tips in SD Bill. close quote
      Jessica M. On twitter

open quote Great training course from @YourLegalEyes today. close quote
Rachel B. On twitter

open quote Enjoyed application of theory in practical exercises. close quote
National Assembly staff

open quote Really interesting and in depth view – really learned a lot in one day. close quote
National Assembly staff

open quote Enjoyed the mix of anecdote and theory provided by Huw/Marie respectively close quote
National Assembly staff

open quote Very helpful and informative close quote
Devolution Policy Manager, Department for Work and Pension

open quote Most interesting and instructive, learned a very great deal close quote
Professor, Cardiff University

open quote Enjoyed the event, excellent presentations and content from Huw and Marie. Learnt more around the Counsel General & Bills process and Government models close quote
      Group Housing Manager, Torfaen County Borough Council

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